Representative Matters

Trademark and False Advertising Litigation

Bimbo Bakeries USA, et al v. United States Bakery, et al. Parsons Behle successfully represented a national bakery in a false advertising and trade secret misappropriation case that resulted in a favorable jury verdict, including findings of willful infringement and misappropriation, a combined damages award of over $10 million dollars, and entry of a permanent injunction.

Ariix, LLC v. NutriSearch Corp. Parsons Behle successfully defended a false advertising case involving novel claims based on third party product reviews.  Parsons Behle was able to obtain a dismissal of all claims at the motion to dismiss stage.

EarthGrains Baking Companies, Inc. v. Sycamore Family Bakery Inc. Parsons Behle successfully represented a national bakery in a trademark infringement case that resolved all claims in the client’s favor on summary judgment and led to a favorable jury verdict on damages that included a finding of willful infringement and a post-trial award of enhanced damages and attorney’s fees.  

In-N-Out Burger v. Chadders. Represented In-N-Out Burger in trademark infringement lawsuit. Parsons Behle successfully obtained a temporary restraining order against the defendant restaurant and later settled the case on favorable terms for the client.