Charitable Organizations & Deductions

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Helping Donor Taxpayers to Establish Effective Tax Plans

We assist our clients in managing all aspects of their charitable donation arrangements.

The attorneys at Parsons Behle & Latimer advise donor taxpayers to maximize the benefits they can confer on charities while providing tax-efficient strategies and vehicles for their own and their children’s philanthropy. We advise on charitable remainder trusts, charitable lead trusts, conservation easements, charitable annuities, pooled income funds, donor advised funds, and private foundations. We advise charities and exempt organizations on obtaining 501(c)(3) and other determinations. Additionally, we help our clients to understand the difference between public charities and private foundations and how to comply and excise taxes relating to private foundations including those on self-dealing, excess business holdings, prohibited transactions, failure to distribute, and prohibited expenditures. We advise on special issues related to grants and scholarships. Also, we assist with qualification for state and local charitable exemptions and compliance with state Charitable Solicitation Acts.