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“Best Lawyers in America 2019” Names 50 PB&L Attorneys Nation’s Best Lawyers and Seven as "Lawyer of the Year”
August 15, 2018
Best Lawyers in America

Best Lawyers in America,
a preeminent guide to legal excellence in the U.S. for the past 20 years, has recognized 48 Parsons Behle & Latimer (PB&L) attorneys as the Best Lawyers in America. The 2019 Best Lawyers in America list includes attorneys in PB&L’s Boise, Salt Lake City and Reno offices, and is based on a rigorous national survey involving more than 5 million detailed, lawyer-to-lawyer evaluations.

Best Lawyers in America 2019 has also recognized seven PB&L lawyers as “Lawyer of the Year” – three more PB&L attorneys than ranked during 2018. Lawyers recognized as “Lawyer of the Year” include, from the Boise office,  Richard H. Greener, Bet-the-Company Litigation and from the Salt Lake office, David R. Bird, Government Relations Practice; Stephen J. Hull, Mining Law; John R. Lund, Product Liability Litigation-Defendants; Michael J. Malmquist, Energy Law; Charles H. Thronson, Personal Injury Litigation-Plaintiffs; and Michael A. Zody, Labor Law-Management.  

PB&L attorneys recognized as “Best Lawyers in America” for 2019 include:

(Boise office) Robert B. Burns, Richard H. Greener and J. Kevin West

(Reno office) Jim B. Butler, Rew R. Goodenow and Michael R. Kealy

(Salt Lake City office) Richard J. Angell, Vicki M. Baldwin, Lawrence R. Barusch, J. Thomas Beckett, David R. Bird. Julianne P. Blanch, Jonathan K. Butler, Lynn Cardey-Yates, Erik A. Christiansen, Wendy Bowden Crowther, Gary E. Doctorman, Randy L. Dryer, Raymond J. Etcheverry, William J. Evans, Shawn C. Ferrin, M. Lindsay Ford, W. Mark Gavre, Tammy B. Georgelas, David R. Hall, Stephen J. Hull, Christina M. Jepson, Kristine E. Johnson, Lisa A. Kirschner, Michael L. Larsen, James B. Lee, John R. Lund, Michael J. Malmquist, Geoffrey W. Mangum, Margaret Niver McGann, Hal J. Pos, F. Robert Reeder, C. Kevin Speirs, Craig B. Terry, Charles H. Thronson, Michael J. Tomko, Paul D. Veasy, Katherine E. Venti, Chris Wangsgard, Juliette P. White, Francis M. Wikstrom and Michael A. Zody.